Research interests

Cell physiology, metagenomics, virology, marine ecology.

Annotation of the dissertation

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Other reviewed scientific publications (books, books‘ chapters, collections of articles, articles, textbooks and etc.):

1. Lukashevich V.A., Matskevich A.S. 2014. Influence of biochar application in soil on transition of cadmium and lead to wheat plants – Bulletin of BSU, Belarusian State University, Minsk, pp. 244-246.

2015 07. 13th International Summer School for young scientists from CIS countries, Russian State Agricultural Academy.
2016 02. 17th Winter School “Biology of Plant Cell”, Moscow State University.
2016 04. School of young scientists on 4th International Symposium on Plant Signaling and Behavior.

International scientific conferences:

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National scientific conferences:

  1. Synthesis and analysis of fungicidal activity of silver nanoparticles obtained using “green” nanosynthesis technologies / Lukashevich V.A., Leshchenko Yu.A., Vetoshkin A.A., Przhevalskaya D.A., Smolich I.I., Sokolik A.I., Demidchik V.V. // Materials of the international conference of young scientists “Forest resources – Belarusian Poless‘e”, State Scientific Institution “Forest Institute of Belarusian National Academy of Sciences”, Gomel, 2018, pp. 172-175.