Andrej Spiridonov

Postdoc researcher dr. Andrej Spiridonov

Postdoc duration: 2017–2020

Postdoc supervisor: dr. Miglė Stančikaitė

Postdoc topic: The influence of Solar cycles on vegetation dynamics of the Quaternary Interglacials
The project encompasses the detection, and the statistical testing of the influence on the Solar cycles and the oceanic oscillations on the land and freshwater plant community dynamics. The high-precision accurately dated paleobotanical micro- and macro- fossil data from the eastern Baltic region will be compared with the proxies of the Solar activity (10Be, and 14C) time series using advanced techniques of the spectral analysis, namely continuous wavelet transforms, Lomb-Scargle periodograms and other spectral analysis techniques implemented in the R computational environment. The understanding of the natural climate change mechanisms and their effects on the dynamics of plant communities, as one of the most important parts of the modern biota, is necessary in order to develop realistic climate change models, identifying natural and human influenced climate changes. The former information is needed in order to minimize the human impact on our planet and ensure the sustainable development of the humanity.