Collections of Minerals

The Institute of Geology and Geography houses 85 collections of minerals and rocks of great aesthetic, educational and scientific value. Compiled over the course of numerous decades, the stored collections include over 4,500 exhibits, including minerals, rocks, jewellery articles, meteorites and fossils. A large part of these collections was donated to Lithuania and the then Institute of Geology in 1965 by A. Žukelis (1899–1977) who spent many years living and working in Yekaterinburg (Russia).
The compiled collection demonstrates a rich diversity of minerals and rocks of the Earth’s crust, with the major part of mineral specimens originating from the Urals, Central Asia, Transbaikalia, the Caucasus and Kola. Also numerous are colourful specimens  from Burma, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Mozambique, Australia and Greenland. The exposition boasts eye-catching specimens of emerald, amethyst, rhinestone, ruby and pyrope from the Urals and Brazil, along with Australian opal and almandine, Iranian turquoise and South African crocidolite. The collections also contain precious and decorative stones and various jewellery articles from ruby, emerald, rhinestone and malachite. The collection of meteorites includes 26 very unique specimens. Some of them, i.e. those of Andrioniškis and Žemaitkiemis, were found on the territory of Lithuania. Specimens of natural resources occurring in Lithuania and neighbouring countries with information on their stocks and distribution form a considerable part of the collections.