Entomological Collections

he Laboratory of Entomology includes a collection of adult dipterans – fungus gnats (families Mycetophilidae, Bolitophilidae, Keroplatidae, Diadocidiidae, Ditomyiidae), most of which are trophically related to fungi (fruiting body and mycelium). The collection consists of described insects, including 4,700 individuals of Mycetophilidae and 150 individuals of Mycetophilidae, Bolitophilidae, Keroplatidae, Diadocidiidae, Ditomyiidae, and undescribed insects (about 4,000 in number) of the above-mentioned families.
The collection of the Laboratory of Entomology also includes a full holding of the Lithuanian fauna of dragonflies, part of which are adult insects stored in entomological boxes and another part adult individuals and larvae preserved in alcohol solutions. These insects were mainly collected in Lithuania, with specimens from Russia, Latvia and China forming just a small part of this collection.
The entomological collection is also estimated to contain 460 specimens of larvae and pupae of blackflies and biting midges (Diptera: Simuliidae, Ce­ratopogonidae) stored in ethyl alcohol and in formaldehyde, 750 permanent mounts of adult blackflies and biting midges prepared using euparal as a mounting medium and 650 dried specimens of bloodsucking mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) and their larvae, pupae and adults preserved in ethyl alcohol. This material was collected in territories of Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and Poland.
The holding of Diptera, Brachycera is estimated at over 20,000 specimens, 10,000 of which represent the Lithuanian fauna of Tachinidae, with approximately the same or a slightly higher number of insects belonging to all the remaining Brachyceran fly species.
The substantial holding of Tipulomorpha (Diptera, Nematocera) collected from a wide range of countries includes: approximately 10,000 specimens from Mongolia, the majority of which are preserved in alcohol solution and about 1,000 of which are dried specimens and microscopic preparations; about 11,000 specimens from the Korean Peninsula (North and South Korea), 4,000 of which are dried specimens, about 6,000 specimens are preserved in alcohol solution, and about 1,000 specimens are microscopic pre­parations; almost 1,000 specimens from Taiwan (only dried specimens); about 1,000 specimens from China (only specimens preserved in alcohol solution); and about 6,000 specimens from the Fiji Archipelago (only specimens preserved in alcohol solution), along with numerous specimens from Indonesia, the Philippines, Africa and South and North America. About 300 specimens of Tipulomorpha housed in this collection are from Lithuania (mainly dried samples and microscopic preparations).
The collections of the Laboratory of Entomology house dried insects stored in entomological boxes, insect specimens kept in test-tubes in alcohol-based preservative solutions and preparations in glycerine solution.