Attention to dark bees


On 22 October, the Visitors Centre in Marcinkonys, Dzūkija National Park, will host a conference "Prospects of restoration of the population of Lithuanian dark bees (Apis mellifera mellifera) in the areas of Dzūkija National Park and Čepkeliai Strict Nature Reserve", with presentations and discussions by environmental specialists, researchers and local community representatives.

Nature Research Centre's Senior Researcher Dr Laima Blažytė-Čereškienė will deliver a presentation "Assessment of genetic history of the population of the Lithuanian dark honeybee (Apis mellifera mellifera) in the environs of the Čepkeliai Strict Nature Reserve", and NRC's Senior Researcher Dr Eduardas Budrys will make a presentation "Assessment of introgression of other subspecies genes in the families of the Lithuanian local subspecies dark honeybee (Apis m. mellifera)".

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