Competition for Researcher position (LGR)


Advantages: competence in using research methods to investigate physical, chemical and biological properties of forest and wetland waters and soils and their seasonal changes; experience with fieldwork involving forests and wetlands; experience in interpreting, processing, analysing and generalising monitoring database data, as well as in preparing soil samples for chemical analysis and interpreting results obtained; competence in applying research methods to investigate the composition and biological indicators of peat and forest cover in order to determine change of contaminants in the atmosphere and environmental contamination.

Position description: fieldwork as well as analysis and processing of data collected; observation of concentration changes of water soluble substances during the monitoring period of 1995–2025; participation in the preparation of a publication generalising long-term observation results of a complex monitoring of forest ecosystems under the ICP-Forest programme; publishing research results in international and other scientific publications.


at least 3 scientific articles published in international scientific journals (2 of which during the recent 5 years (including 1 in a Q1 or Q2 journal) and, in case the applicant has worked at NRC during the recent 5 years, with NRC affiliation), and compliance with the description of qualification requirements for researcher positions at the Nature Research Centre. Consideration of applicants shall be subject to the procedures under items 6–8 of said description.

Required application documents:

  1. Application, with a reference to the position applied for;
  2. Personal identification document and its copy;
  3. Curriculum Vitae;
  4. Documents certifying education and professional qualification and their copies;
  5. Document certifying liability to military service, military man or conscript certificate (for persons of conscript age);
  6. List of personal benefits and abilities (free form);
  7. List of scientific articles (according to the form);
  8. Other lists in compliance with the requirements of the position applied for.


Documents should be submitted to Room 212, Akademijos St 2, Vilnius.

More information is available at: tel. 8 5 272 98 98, e-mail


Document submission deadline: 01.03.2021.

Competition announcement date: 01.02.2021.