Competition for Researcher position (LQR)


The Nature Research Centre (NRC) invites applications for Researcher position at the Laboratory of Quaternary Research (LQR; 1 position, 1 FTE).

Advantages: competence in conducting Quaternary rock surface geomorphological investigations and in forming geomorphological, Quaternary paleosurface maps; ability to analyse Quaternary layer paleosurfaces by using statistical methods and the links of the current surface with geological composition and structure.

Position description: formation of geomorphological, paleogeomorphological, lithomorphogenetic and zoning maps, Quaternary paleosurfaces correlative analysis and investigation of paleogeographical development, publishing research results in international scientific publications.


at least 3 scientific articles published in international scientific journals (2 of which during the recent 5 years (including 1 in a Q1 or Q2 journal) and, in case the applicant has worked at NRC during the recent 5 years, with NRC affiliation), and compliance with the description of qualification requirements for researcher positions at the Nature Research Centre. Consideration of applicants shall be subject to the procedures under items 6–8 of said description.


Persons willing to participate in the competition should submit the following documents in the Lithuanian and English languages:

  1. Application, with reference to the position applied for;
  2. Personal identification document and its copy;
  3. Curriculum Vitae;
  4. Documents certifying education and professional qualification and their copies;
  5. Document certifying liability to military service, military man or conscript certificate (for persons of conscript age);
  6. List of personal benefits and abilities (free form);
  7. List of scientific articles (according to the form);
  8. Other lists in compliance with the requirements of the position applied for.

Documents should be submitted to Room 212, Akademijos St 2, Vilnius.

More information is available at: tel. 8 5 272 98 98, e-mail

Document submission deadline: 01.04.2021.