Congratulations to NRC's Senior Researcher Dr Petras Prakas on being elected a member of the Young Academy of Lithuanian Academy of Sciences


Upon election of ten new members, the formation of the Young Academy of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences (YALAS) has been completed this year. The YALAS was established four years ago to bring together Lithuania's motivated researchers who achieve significant scientific results and are active in their professional and social environments.

Dr Petras Prakas, Senior Researcher of the Laboratory of Molecular Ecology of Nature Research Centre, was elected a member of the YALAS. Dr Petras Prakas is a world-known expert investigating Sorcocystis parasites. Together with other researchers he described 14 new Sorcocystis species. Dr P. Prakas' research fields cover genetic, morphological and ecological properties of parasites in animals infected through food and evaluation  of genetic diversity and structure of animal populations in the context of one health approach and environmental protection. Dr Prakas announced 40 scientific articles in scientific journals listed in the Clarivate Analytics Web of Science databases, presented research results in 43 scientific conferences in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Spain, Germany, Norway, Belgium, Finland and Slovakia, prepared reviews for 46 scientific articles, participated in or headed a number of scientific projects.




More information is available at the website of the Academy of Sciences of Lithuania.