Nature Research Centre's doctoral student Justė Aželytė awarded for the best poster presentation


On 5–8 September, Bielefeld University (Bielefeld, Germany) after a break of four years hosted the 5th International Conference on Malaria and Related Haemosporidian Parasites in Wildlife. The four-day event was participated by researchers from 19 countries. Researchers delivered presentations on blood parasites of wild animals in the areas of ecology, evolutionary biology, genomic investigations, etc.

Nature Research Centre's researchers from P. B. Šivickis Laboratory of Parasitology and the Laboratory of Entomology participated in the conference. Oral presentations of Chief Researchers Dr habil. Gediminas Valkiūnas and Dr Vaidas Palinauskas were delivered at the conference. Dr Mikas Ilgūnas, Dr Dovilė Bukauskaitė, Dr Rita Žiegytė, Dr Tatjana Ježova, Dr Carolina Chagas, doctoral student Melanie Duc and doctoral student Justė Aželytė from P. B. Šivickis Laboratory of Parasitology, as well as Dr Rasa Bernotienė and doctoral student Kristina Valavičiūtė-Pocienė from the Laboratory of Entomology shared their research results in poster presentations.

Doctoral student Justė Aželytė was awarded the prize for the best poster presentation "Can gut microbiota enhance immunity against avian malaria?". The purpose of the poster is to enhance knowledge about possible interaction between blood parasites and microbiota, the diversity of microbiota in different avian species and future investigations of microbiota, seeking to create a protective barrier for the transmission of diseases by blood-sucking insects.