Research by researchers of the Laboratory of Plant Physiology attracted attention by a famous weekly magazine "The Economist"


The research conducted by NRC's researchers Dr S. Jurkonienė, Dr R. Mockevičiūtė, Dr J. Jankauskienė, Dr E. Jankovska-Bortkevič, Dr V. Gavelienė and Dr G. Armalytė (Laboratory of Plant Physiology) attracted attention of a famous weekly magazine "The Economist". As stated in the magazine, the results announced in the American Chemical Society's journal "ACS Agriculture Science and Technology“ (article "Application of Commercial Plant Probiotics Improves Berry Yield and Quality of Field-grown Blackcurrant") were impressive. "The Economist" describes that the use of plant probiotics can boost berry yield and improve their quality. The research was conducted in conjunction with the Chamber of Agriculture under the demonstration project within the framework of the European Innovations Programme. Investigations were pursued in a four-hectare blackcurrant field in A. Jasinevičius' organic farm. It is concluded that a proper mixture of probiotics can help farmers satisfy demands from consumers without relying on chemicals.


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Jurkonienė, S.; Mockevičiūtė, R.; Jankauskienė, J.; Jankovska-Bortkevič, E.; Armalytė, G.; Gavelienė V. Application of commercial Plant probiotics improves berry yield and quality of field-grown blackcurrant. ACS Agric. Sci. Technol. 2021,


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