Videoconference LIFE INFO DIENA 2020



Videoconference LIFE INFO DIENA 2020

23 April 2020

Part I. 2020 LIFE call


LIFER programme from the viewpoint of the Ministry of Environment: programme goals and Lithuania's general funding (in Lithuanian)

Inesis Kiškis, Director of EU Investment and Economic Instrument Department


The last LIFE call of the financial period: project types and application deadlines (in Lithuanian)

Viktorija Maceikaitė, NEEMO EEIG – ELLE monitoring expert


LIFE programme changes in relation to COVID-19 and what is expected from LIFE project (in Lithuanian)

Šarūnas Zableckis, EASME project advisor

Part II. LIFE project experience


Sweden's project SUNALGAKE for LIFE experience: Diatom shells – a natural boost for solar cells (in English)

Harriet Otterholm, Swedish Algae Factory Marketing and Sales Manager


Use of the LIFE programme in Estonia (in English)

Timo Kark, Estonian Environment Agency Project Manager


LIFE integrated projects: how to prepare a good proposal (in English)

Representative of an international consultancy firm Zabala


Assistance to LIFE applicants after the conference

Aušra Šmitienė, APVA project "Building LIFE Capacities in Lithuania" manager


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