National scientific research programs

Interspecific hybrids of orchard plants – a novel source of anthocyanins

Projects leader: habil. dr. Ona Nijolė Anisimovienė

Terms of the project: 2011–2013

Alien Gonyostomum – biological peculiarities, genetic diversity and adaptation in new areas

Projects leader: dr. Jūratė Kasperovičienė

Terms of the project: 2010–2011

Studies of invasive freshwater mollusks and associated flukes communities using genetic markers

Projects leader: dr. Gražina Stanevičiūtė

Terms of the project: 2010–2011

Change of bioactive compounds in underutilised berry species depen­ding on genotype and environment

Projects leader: dr. Juozas Labokas

Terms of the project: 2011–2014

Impact of anthropogenic factors upon the expansion of invasive species in the context of Holocene paleoecosystem changes

Projects leader: dr. Miglė Stančikaitė

Terms of the project: 2010–2011

The impact of neophytic moss Campylopuss introflexus on the formation of peatland communities

Projects leader: dr. Ilona Jukonienė

Terms of the project: 2010–2011

Research on regularities of distribution, genetic diversity, adaptation and naturalization of invasive bird species

Projects leader: (HP) dr. Dalius Butkauskas

Terms of the project: 2010–2011

Evaluation and projections of the influence of cormorants on the structure and stocks of fish populations in the Curonian Lagoon

Projects leader: dr. Linas Ložys

Terms of the project: 2010–2011

Impact of alien crustacean invasions on food web structure in lakes

Projects leader: prof. dr. Kęstutis Arbačiauskas

Terms of the project: 2010–2011

Oxidative stress alterations in hydrophytes due to the leaf litter affected by the invasion of Acer negundo

Projects leader: dr. Levonas Manusadžianas

Terms of the project: 2010–2011

Investigation of genetic diversity and factors affecting spread of alien virus strains of stone fruit and vegetables in Lithuania

Projects leader: dr. Juozas Benediktas Staniulis

Terms of the project: 2010–2011