Nanosilver enhanced graphene oxide ink (NEGOI) (EUREKA)

Projects leader: doc. dr. Elena Servienė

Terms of the project: 2021–2022

Publishing of scientific periodicals

Projects leader: habil Dr Algimantas Grigelis

Terms of the project: 2011–2014

Selection and creation of the bioaccelerants for biogas generation and their use for the control of biomass conversion processes

Projects leader: dr. Danguolė Bridžiuvienė

Terms of the project: 2013–2015

Applied research and technological development of plated biofilter equipped with a capillary media irrigation system

Projects leader: dr. Algimantas Paškevičius

Terms of the project: 2013–2015

Improvement of professional training of highly qualified specialists in the field of biomedicine to meet the needs of the state and society

Projects leader: prof. dr. (HP) Sigitas Podėnas

Terms of the project: 2010–2015

Development of technologies for Lithuanian marine sector and environment research

Projects leader: doc. dr. Kęstutis Jokšas

Terms of the project: 2012–2015

Open access to science and research

Projects leader: till April of 2014th Silvija Šerpenskienė; from April 2014th - dr. Laima Blažytė-Čereškienė

Terms of the project: 2012–2015

About the project

Enhanced chitin-based biosorbents for drinking water purification

Projects leader: dr. L. Levinskaitė

Terms of the project: 2012–2014