Improvement of institutional and research skills of the Nature Research Centre

Improvement of institutional and research skills of the Nature Research Centre

Projects leader:

Term of the project: 24 July 2012–23 July 2014
Project value: the budget of the project is constituted of the largest amount of eligible costs for the project, i.e. LTL 807,672.00, of which LTL 686,521.20 are allocated from the EU funds, LTL 80,767.20 from the state budget of the Republic of Lithuania, and LTL 40,383.60 are the funds of the project executor.

The project is implemented without partners.

Implementing institution: European Social Fund Agency

Purpose of the project

Strengthen institutional capabilities of a research institution which participated in the reform of the network of research and higher education institutions in order to solve research, higher education and business objectives and to advance R&D activities.

Essence of the project

As of 1 January 2010 the Nature Research Centre has taken over the rights and obligations of three institutions: Institute of Ecology, Institute of Botany, and Institute of Geology and Geography. The merged institutions encounter the following key problem: due to the shortage of funds the maintenance of scientific research trends required substantial cutting of service costs. The project will be a tool to enhance competence of researchers of the Nature Research Centre, optimise organisational processes and strengthen internationality – a particularly important step in implementing the reform of institutions in a qualitative manner.

Value added of the project

The project will facilitate implementation of activities for consolidation of the management of the organisation and promote implementation of new larger-scope international research projects. The staff and partners of the Nature Research Centre will benefit from the project, namely: a greater number of articles will be published in international scientific journals, performance indices will improve, a greater number of research orders will come from public and private sectors, R&D cooperation between research and business organisations will be closer.

Upon implementation of the project, the physical continuity and continuity of activity results of the project will be ensured. Institutional and organisational capabilities of the Nature Research Centre, cooperation with foreign scientific organisations and membership in international organisations will be further enhanced, and capabilities of researchers and other staff to develop partnership in R&D theme networking as well as international scientific cooperation will be improved.