Biotic resources in the changing environment:research into the state of populations, species and communities, scientific justification for the management and sustainable use of biotic resources

The main topics:

-Research into plant resources covering chemotypic and ecotypic diversity and patterns of change in populations of relevant medicinal and other economic plant species, development of measures for genetic resources conservation, integration into the EU Plant Genetic Resources Network.

-Mammal research covering assessment of population abundance and long-term population quality changes in hunted ungulates and other animals.

– Avian resources in conditions of natural and human-induced spatial and temporal changes and their impact on model species and populations in different periods of their annual cycle, bird response to environmental components dynamics, adaptation to the changing environment, and evolutionary response, potential threats to bird survival.

– Community structure of fish and higher crustaceans (malacostraca) and state of their resources under the impact of climate change and anthropogenic pressure, fish genetic and microbiological diversity.