Kelis lietuviškus pavadinimus turinčių augalų genčių nomenklatūros apžvalga ir jos norminimo principai [Review of the nomenclature of plant genera with several Lithuanian generic names and principles of their standardisation]. – Botanica Lithuanica, Suppl. 6: 3–18

Since the very beginning nomenclature of Lithuanian generic plant names was created applying the principle that each genus should bear unique name and the name should consist of one word. However, about three dozens of plant genera have two or more generic names consistently used both in scientific and common language. Majority of plants with several generic names are economically important, and the usage of such names has deep traditions. Usage of certain Lithuanian generic names for naming of species were analysed, and solutions for their standardisation were proposed. Widely used traditional generic names should be applied as names of infrageneric taxa (subgenera, sections, subsections; functionally they are equal to the generic name), whereas Lithuanian name of the genus should be selected taking into account generic name used for its type species. It would be purposeful to create a code of Lithuanian botanical nomenclature that should include general principles and rules of plant naming as well as examples and exceptions.

Keywords: Lithuanian nomenclature, plant genera, generic names, terminology.

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