Diversity and conservation value of habitats in Girutiškis Strict Nature Reserve (Eastern Lithuania) [Girutiškio rezervato (Rytų Lietuva) buveinių įvairovė ir gamtosauginė vertė]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 15(1): 3–15

The study provides data on habitat inventory (according to EUNIS classification) in Girutiškis Strict Nature Reserve (Eastern Lithuania). An overview of the habitat diversity, environmental assessment of the area – occurrence of the habitats of European importance, their recent and future state, distribution of rare and endangered plant species in different habitats are introduced. Eighteen habitat types were indicated in Girutiškis Reserve. Woodland habitats dominate both on mineral soil and on peat. Open mires cover about 14 %. Girutiškis Reserve is a territory of high conservation value. Even 92 % of its territory is occupied by Natura 2000 habitats. The state of most Natura 2000 habitats is good and stable. There were registered 23 plant species included into the Red Data Book of Lithuania, among them 4 species are included into EU Habitat Directive Annex II and Bern Convention Annex I.

Keywords: habitats, communities, Girutiškis Strict Nature Reserve, diversity, Lithuania, EUNIS classification, mapping, rare plant species.