Intensity of generative and vegetative reproduction of Allium ursinum [Meškinio česnako (Allium ursinum) generatyvinio ir vegetatyvinio dauginimosi intensyvumas]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 9(1): 3–12

In 2000–2002 populations of Allium ursinum L. were investigated in woodland communities as well as in cutting areas. The potential and actual seed productions were calculated. From 16 to 37 % of ovules of A. ursinum developed to mature seeds in woodland communities, while in the cutting areas seeds were absent either because of frosts or infection by Botrytis sp. Seed production in woodland communities amounted to 4064 seeds per 1 m2. Number of flowering plants per square metre was quite variable and depended on different external and internal factors. In the investigated populations, 1–52 % of mature (flowering) plants propagated vegetatively developed mostly one daughter plant each. Nevertheless, vegetative propagation plays an important role in the plant reproduction in cutting areas and edges of stands.

Keywords: Allium ursinum, vegetative reproduction, generative reproduction, populations, density.