Macrofungi and vegetation of some peat-bogs in the north-west of Pomerania (North West Poland) [Kai kurių Šiaurės Vakarų Pomeranijos (Šiaurės Vakarų Lenkija) pelkių makromicetai ir augalija]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 9(1): 89–98

This paper presents the results of study carried out in six plant associations and in one community in three peat-bogs. Among the recorded plant communities, the most noteworthyones, both in mycological and floristic sense, were: Ericetum tetralicis, Caricetum limosae, and Rhynchosporetum albae. The highest number of fungal species was noted in Betuletum pubescentis.

Keywords: macromycetes, mycocoenology, plant communities, peat-bogs, Poland