Studies on the soil–plant interactions of Rumex obtusifolius subsp. subalpinus in West Anatolia (Turkey) [Rumex obtusifolius subsp. subalpinus ir dirvožemio sąveikos tyrimai Vakarų Anatolijoje (Turkija)]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 9(1): 13–24

This study has been undertaken with an aim of putting forward soil–plant interactions of Rumex obtusifolius subsp. subalpinus (Polygonaceae) distributed in Western Anatolian part of Turkey. The soil analysis data showed that this plant prefers sandy-clayey-loam, loamy, clayey-loam soils. The clay texture is slightly alkaline and neutral by nature. It prefers non-saline and slightly saline soils. Calcium carbonate and nitrogen contents of the soils vary, but phosphorus and potassium contents are low. The plant analysis data showed that phosphorus content was general, but nitrogen and potassium contents were always within normal levels. While calcium carbonate content was generally below the normal levels. As a result of the regression analysis, a negative relation between plant potassium and soil pH, and a positive relation between plant calcium and soil total soluble salts were observed.

Keywords: Rumex obtisifolius subsp. subalpinus, soil–plant relation, distribution, West Anatolia, Turkey.