Ecology, Vol 56, No 3-4 (2010)

Staniūnas, M., Staniūnas, E. K., Burinskienė, M.
Application of indices for assessing the ecological potential of urban development
Ladygienė, R., Orentienė, A., Pilkytė, L., Skripkienė, A., Žukauskaitė, V., Kievinas, R.
Radiological investigation of wood used for combustion
Soni, R., Saluja, B., Goel, R.
Bacterial community analysis using temporal temperature gradient gel electrophoresis (TTGE) of 16S rDNA PCR products of soil metagenome
Soni, R., Goel, R.
Triphasic approach to assessment of bacterial population in different soil systems
Ostrauskas, H., Ivinskis, P.
New Lithuanian records of moths captured in beetle traps
Alejūnas, P., Stirkė, V.
Small mammals in northern Lithuania: species diversity and abundance
Baršienė, J., Bjornstad, A., Rybakovas, A., Šyvokienė, J., Andreikėnaitė, L.
Environmental genotoxicity and cytotoxicity studies in mussels and fish inhabiting northern Atlantic zones impacted by aluminum industry
Baršienė, J., Andreikėnaitė, L., Bjornstad, A.
Induction of micronuclei and other nuclear abnormalities in blue mussels Mytilus edulis after 1-, 2-, 4- and 8-day treatment with crude oil from the North Sea
Pečiulytė, D., Dirginčiutė-Volodkienė, V.
Effect of long-term industrial pollution on microorganisms in soil of deciduous forests situated along a pollution gradient next to a fertilizer factory. 3. Species diversity and community structure of soil fungi
Pereira, P., Ubeda, X.,Baltrėnaitė, E.
Mapping total nitrogen in ash after a wildland fire: a microplot analysis