Ecology, Vol 53, No 2 priedas (2007)

Kavaliauskas, P.
A sustainable landscape planning system and landscape ecology
Burneika, D., Kriaučiūnas, E.
Some premises for balanced development of ecotourism on the territory of Lithuania
Ignatavičius, G., Oškinis, V.
Some aspects of interaction between military activities and environmental protection on Lithuanian military grounds
Beconytė, G., Paršeliūnas, E., Pubellier, C.
Sustainable development of the Lithuanian Geographic Information Infrastructure
Burinskienė, M., Rudzkienė, V.
Assessment of sustainable development in transition
Štreimikienė, D., Čiegis, R.
Framework of indicators for monitoring implementation of interrelated targets of the EU Sustainable Development Strategy
Ginevicius, R., Podvezko, V.
Complex assessment of sustainable development of state regions with emphasis on ecological and dwelling conditions
Zavadskas, E., Viteikienė, M., Šaparauskas, J.
Sustainable development assessment of cities and their residential districts
Zagorskas, J., Burinskienė, M., Zavadskas, E., Turskis, Z.
Urbanistic assessment of city compactness on the basis of GIS applying the COPRAS method
Zavadskas, E., Kaklauskas, A., Šaparauskas, J., Kalibatas, D.
Vilnius urban sustainability assessment with an emphasis on pollution