Ecology, Vol 53, No 2 (2007)

Pileckas, M., Gulbinas, M.
Landscape changes in the Dovine river basin after restoration of Independence
Matulevičiūtė, D., Rašomavičius, V.
European Habitats and their status in surroundings of Lake Žuvintas
Kasperovičienė, J.
Assessment of ecological status of the Dovine river catchment area lakes according to phytoplankton data
Sinkevičienė, Z.
Long-term changes of macrophyte vegetation in lakes of the Dovine river catchment area
Taminskas, J., Linkevičienė, R., Šimanauskienė, R.
Loading and retention of phosphorus in riverine systems
Gaigalis, K., Kutra, G., Šmitienė, A.
Nitrogen load assessment and pollution mitigation measures in the Dovine watershed
Kriaučiūnienė, J., Gailiušis, B., Kovalenkovienė, M.
Modelling of sediment processes in Lake Žuvintas
Taminskas, J., Stonevičius, E.
Lake Žuvintas water quality analysis employing PCLake model
Povilaitis, A., Querner, E.
Changes expected in the hydrological regime of the Dovine river after removal of sluice-gates
Rašomavičius, V., Gulbinas, Z., Zingstra, H., Kitnaes, K., Querner, E., Povilaitis, A., Pileckas, M.
Integrated water and biodiversity management in the Dovine river basin