Ecology, Vol , No 3 (2006)

Lugauskas, A., Repečkienė, J., Levinskaitė, L., Mačkinaitė, R., Kačergius, A., Raudonienė, V.
Micromycetes as toxin producers detected on raw material of plant origin grown under various conditions in Lithuania
Brazauskienė, I., Petraitienė, E., Mankevičienė, A.
Effects of genotype and environmental factors on rape seed contamination with mycotoxins and mycotoxin-producing fungi
Mankevičienė, A., Gaurilčikienė, I., Dabkevičius, Z., Semaškienė, R., Mačkinaitė, R., Supronienė, S.
Mycotoxin contamination of Lithuanian-grown cereal grains and factors determining it
Lugauskas, A., Raudonienė, V., Varnaitė, R., Dirginčiutė, V., Baliukonienė, V., Bakutis, B.
Ecological and sanitary significance of micromycetes brought from abroad with various foodstuffs of floral origin
Bukelskienė, V., Baltriukienė, D., Repečkienė, J.
Study of health risks associated with Aspergillus amstelodami and its mycotoxic effects
Varnaitė, R., Raudonienė, V., Lugauskas, A.
Chromatographic characteristics of secondary metabolites of micromycetes detected on vegetables and grains
Survilienė, E., Valiuškaitė, A.
Carrot (Daucus sativus Röhl.) colonization by Alternaria spp. and effect of fungicide spray on their population
Valiuškaitė, A., Survilienė, E., Lugauskas, A., Levinskaitė, L.
Ecological aspects of distribution of potential toxin-producing micromycetes on stored apple fruit
Gruzdevienė, E., Mankevičienė, A., Lugauskas, A., Repečkienė, J.
The effect of environmental conditions on the variation of fungi and mycotoxin contents in oil flax seed
Mačkinaitė, R., Kačergius, A., Lugauskas, A., Repečkienė, J.
Contamination of cereal grain by Fusarium micromycetes and their mycotoxins under Lithuanian climatic conditions