Ecology, Vol , No 3 (2005)

Miškinis, P.
Analytical dependence of population density on the characteristic of mobility in dissipative ecological systems
Jankauskas, R.
Sensitivity to chemical disinfectants: studies in humans
Täht, K.
Migration of microelements in main types of Southeast Estonian soil
Būda, V., Lukšienė, Ž., Radžiutė, S.
Effects of visible-light-activated hematoporphyrin dimethyl ether on the survival of leafminer Liriomyza bryoniae
Bashmakov, D. I., Lukatkin, A. S., Revin, V. V., Duchovskis, Brazaitytė, A., Baranauskis, K.
Growth of maize seedlings affected by different concentrations of heavy metals
Šatkauskienė, I.
Characteristic of lifespan and reproduction period of Succinea putris (L.) (Gastropoda: Styllomatophora)
Motiejūnaitė, J., Fałtynowicz, W.
Effect of land-use on lichen diversity in the transboundary region of Lithuania and northeastern PolandZ´vø¼µv
Eitminavičiūtė, I., Matusevičiūtė, A., Bagdanavičienė, Z.
Remediation of landfill soils with sewage sludge. 1. Pedobiont successions in the first stages of soil remediation
Merkys, A., Novickienė, L.
Kronika * Chronicle. A review of the monograph “Natural Growth Inhibitors and Phytohormones in Plants and Environment”
Jakimavičius, A., Mackevičienė, G.
Nekrologas * Obituary. Danutë SINEVIČIENĖ (1933 05 25–2004 06 08)