Ecology, Vol , No 2 (2002)

Bernotienė, R.
Moth flies (Diptera, Psychodidae) new for Lithuanian fauna
Ramaškevičienė, A., Kupčinskienė, E., Sliesaravičius, A.
Evaluation of growth dynamics of Lithuanian cultivars of Hordeum sativum ssp. distichum L. after treatment with aluminium
Naučienė, Z., Mildažienė, V., Banienė, R.
Interaction of cadmium and copper ions with Complex I of the respiratory chain in rat liver mitochondria
Vosylienė, M. Z.
Distinctive features of changes in biological parameters of rainbow trout exposed to heavy metal model mixture
Gylienė, O., Šalkauskas, M.
Heavy metal ion accumulation on fly larva shells
Bartninkaitė, I.
Impact of ermine moth caterpillar developing time on the dynamics of its hemolymph structure and trophic relations in various biotopes
Druteikienė, R., Lukšienė, B., Gvozdaitė, R.
Influence of soil factors on the vertical profile of plutonium physicochemical forms
Brazauskienė, D., Gražulevičienė, V., Sabienė, N., Rutkauskienė, G.
The influence of some factors on the formation of mobile copper in soil
Baršienė, J., Jokšas, K., Bučinskienė, R.
Cytogenetic damage and heavy metal bioaccumulation in molluscs inhabiting different sites of the Neris River
Kazlauskienė, N., Stasiūnaitė, P.
Impact of municipal wastewater chemicals on the rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in its early development