Baltica, Vol 31 (1) 2018

Aleksandrov, S.V., Krek, A.V., Bubnova, E.S., Danchenkov, A.R
Eutrophication and effects of algal bloom in the south-western part of the Curonian Lagoon alongside the Curonian Spit
Sokolov, A., Chubarenko, B.
Numerical simulation of dynamics of sediments disposed in the marine coastal zone of the south-eastern Baltic
Troelstra, S., Laban, C., Prins, M., Beets, K., Van Diepen, M., Grooteman, L., Hageman, B., Portanger, L., Rumping, S., Sadhoeram, A.
Holocene development of the Marker Wadden area, Lake IJssel (the former Zuider Zee), The Netherlands
Nikulins, V., Assinovskaya, B.
Seismicity of the East Baltic region after the Kaliningrad earthquakes on 21 September 2004
Sergeev, A., Ryabchuk, D., Zhamoida, V., Leont’yev, I., Kolesov, A., Kovaleva, O., Orviku, K.
Coastal dynamics of the eastern Gulf of Finland, the Baltic Sea: toward a quantitative assessment
Rucińska-Zjadacz, M., Rudowski, S., Wróblewski, R.
Seismic architecture of the tip of the Hel Peninsula, Poland
Bednorz, E., Czernecki, B., Półrolniczak, M., Tomczyk, A.M.
Atmospheric forcing of upwelling along the south-eastern Baltic coast
Damušytė, A., Blažauskas, N.
Geological mapping of Lithuanian marine areas of the Baltic Sea – reactivated