Baltica, Vol 33 (1) 2020

Szwarczewski, P., Rogóż-Matyszczak, A., Zbucki, Ł.
Morphological and geochemical record of historical erosion on the example of small alluvial and deluvial fans accumulated on the Bug River terraces in the Neple area (Podlasie Lowland, eastern Poland)
Ostrowski, R., Schönhofer, J., Stella, M., Grave, A., Babakov, A., Chubarenko, B.
South Baltic rip currents detected by a field survey
Cieśliński, R., Major, M., Pietruszyński, L.
Seasonal variability in the supply of dissolved matter to catchments of basins without outlets in northern Poland, measured by selected physiochemical indicators
Sivkov, V., Bubnova, E.
Temporal and spatial variability of the suspended particulate matter in the Gdansk Deep and Eastern Gotland Basin
Kalińska, E., Kot, R., Krievāns, M.
Adding another piece to NE European Aeolian Sand Belt puzzles: a sedimentary age case study of Pērtupe site, eastern Latvia
Ponomarenko, E., Krechik, V., Dorokhova, E.
Environmental factors affecting recent benthic foraminiferal distribution in the south-eastern Baltic Sea
Perens, R., Käärd, A., Raukas, A.
Hydrogeological assumptions for stormwater management in Tallinn
Baltrūnas, V., Karmaza, B., Katinas, V., Pukelytė, V., Karmazienė, D., Lozovskis, S.
Till macro- and microfabrics of mega-scale glacial lineations of Mūša–Nemunėlis Lowland, north Lithuania
Kruć, R., Dragon, K., Górski, J., Nagy-Kovács, Z., Grischek, T.
Geohydraulic conditions and post-treatment at riverbank filtration sites in Eastern Europe