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The Open Access Centre (OAC) is a functional subdivision of the Nature Research Centre which operates on the principle of open access for both internal and external users and provides them with scientific research and experimental development services.

OAC services are provided in three main fields of research:

  • Research into ecosystems and identification of plants, animals and microorganisms (Biotaxonomy, Ecology and Molecular Research);
  • Research into environmental radioactivity, radioecology, nuclear geophysics, paleomagnetic, magnetic and environmental investigations, as well as identification of ground and water pollution, oil products and other organic compounds polluting the environment, and fossils (Georesearch);
  • Research into toxic and genotoxic effect of toxic substances and other sources of pollution on macro and microorganisms and cell cultures (Ecotoxicology Research).

Open access is guaranteed by:

  • Providing scientific research and experimental development services;
  • Providing properly qualified and technically trained users with opportunities to carry out their scientific research and/or experiments in OAC laboratories by themselves;
  • Implementing joint business and science projects;
  • Using facilities for the training of specialists of the highest qualifications.


The vision of OAC is to evolve into an internationally recognized scientific research centre pursuing long-term competitive fundamental and experimental development research into living and abiotic nature that is significant for the state, society, partners and economic entities.

The mission of OAC is to pursue internationally recognized scientific research and experimental development in the field of nature studies, to train specialists of the highest qualifications, to ensure relevant competence of the country, to cooperate with Lithuanian and foreign science entities as well as state institutions, to create more favourable conditions for science-business cooperation.

Services provided in the Open Access Centre can be received by both internal and external users: natural and legal persons undertaking innovative economic activities, students of other educational institutions, interns, external teams of researchers engaged in scientific research activities. Applications for the grant of open access shall be received online in accordance with the established procedure.

The information on all available open access services and resources and their provision regulations is managed centrally. Contact person: Simona Četvergaitė-Marcinkevičienė, e-mail:

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