Defended theses



  • Leonas Jarašius. 2015. "Possibilities of ecological restoration of raised bog plant communities in degraded parts and in a cutover peatland of Aukštumala raised bog".
  • Donatas Šneideris. 2015. "Nepovirus caused plant diseases and genetic variability of virus isolates in Lithuania".
  • Irma Vitonytė. 2014. "Phytobenthos in Lithuanian rivers and its employment for the assessment of the ecological status of rivers".
  • Rima Mockevičiūtė. 2010. "Indole-3-acetic acid-protein complexes in chloroplasts and mitochondria".
  • Reda Grigutytė. 2010. "Nitellopsis obtusa (desv.) J. Groves cell response to allochtonous stressors of Fagus sylvatica L. and Quercus robur L. leaf litter extracts".

Ecology and Environmental Science


Physical Geography

  • Aldona Baubinienė. 2015. "Origin, heterogeneity and dynamics of Lithuanian fluvial islands".
  • Gintarė Pociūtė. 2014. "Spatial structure of peripherality in Lithuania".
  • Danguolė Karmazienė. 2014. "The morphogenesis and spatial spread of the kame terraces of the Late Nemunas Glaciation".
  • Violeta Pukelytė-Baltrūnienė. 2014. "The influence of geological structure on the development of geomorphological regions (case study of south Lithuania)
  • Jolita Eidikonienė. 2013. "Distribution of beach users on the sea coast".
  • Ligita Smagurauskienė. 2011. "Territorial organization of business incentive system in Lithuania (1998–2008)".