Rasa Tumaševičiūtė

Biomedical Sciences, Ecology and Environmental

Nature Research Centre, Laboratory of Applied Ecology

Scientific Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr Gytautas Ignatavičius

Consultant: Prof. Lilija Kalėdienė

Study period: 2018-10-01 – 2022-09-30

Research theme: Plastics production from biodegradable waste

Short annotation. PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoates) is a biopolymer molecule that is converted into polyester by bacterial fermentation. The production of PHA from the municipal organic waste fraction is a sustainable waste management alternative that can directly benefit from the use of oil-based plastics. The main advantage of these microbial plastics is that they are made from renewable sources and are completely biodegradable. Utilizing the organic fraction of municipal waste for the production of PHA and subsequent collection of individual flows (starting in 2019 at towns with a population of 50,000 inhabitants), the implementation of the circular economy is ensured as the material is continuously moving in the system.

The main focus is on acidic, methanogenic properties of fermented organic municipal waste, on the interactions between PHA production levels and carboxylic acids from digestate. 


  1. 2018 and 201m the funds of the Special Program for the Support of the Environment Protection (Vilnius City Municipality).
  2. 6 the winner of the project "100 VGTU best";
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RReTYxjcjQE Coffee and coffee waste issues and handling options (2017-2018);
  4. 2017 September 12 - December 5. 15 lectures at Vilnius high schools "Circular economy and Zero waste society" were read. The sponsorship was received fro

Training courses. Malaysia Technical University (2016). Accelerating Green Development in Asia (International Summer School)


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3rd place in the international competition "B3: Bellona Barens Baltic 2016" in the category of students and higher education institutions (“Round gobies prevention”);

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Tumaševičiūtė, R .; Masilionyte L. 2015. The Effect of Organic and Sustainable Farming Systems on Crop and Crop Weed. DOI: 10.13140 / RG.2.1.4753.9928.
Contacts: rasa.tumaseviciute@gamtc.lt; +37068479976