Andrius Kučas


Name Surname: Andrius Kučas

Science Biomedical Sciences, Ecology and Environmental Research (03B)

Institute, laboratory: The institute of ecology, laboratory of mammalian ecology

Scientific Supervisor: doc. dr. (HP) Linas Balčiauskas

Consultant Supervisor: none

Study period: 2017-10-02 – 2021-09-30

Research theme: Multi-criteria ecological assessment of wildlife wehicle accidents according to sustainability

Short annotation (the aim, objectives)


Transport collisions with wildlife are important in Lithuania and other countries. Securing traffic is a multidisciplinary field requiring a lot of investment and knowledge, in which specialists from different fields use different criteria. The paths and intensity of wildlife movement may vary throughout the year, and road marking infrastructure and other security measures for drivers and wildlife are limited. A coherent mix of movement and security measures requires a multi-purpose ecological assessment of transport collisions with wildlife. The tasks related to the mapping of "black spots" are carried out for the explanation of road sections of high accident severity. Such long-term studies of transport and wildlife collisions and animal movement paths are not enough in Lithuania.


Research goal:

To evaluate long-term regularities of wildlife collisions with transport and collision mitigation measures.


Main objectives:

Development of spatial databases for storing of the long term transport collisions with animals. Description of data processing workflows;

Collection of road and wildlife accident data from various sources and processing them using GIS tools;

Preparation of maps of transport collisions with certain wildlife species for the period of 2002-2018;

Construction of dangerous road sections on the road network using transport collision with wildlife clustering tools. Determination of the degree of risk for drivers and for wildlife for each dangerous section;

Assessment of each dangerous section using multiple criteria spatial decision support system. Calculation of priority values showing the ecological significance of each dangerous section;

Multy-scale eco-collision and landscape-ecological analysis of the most dangerous places;

Preparation of maps showing of the priority of measures recommended for use in planning of traffic infrastructure and solving of ecological analysis tasks.


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Training courses



Kučas A., Balčiauskas L. 2018. “Animal-vehicle collision hotspots and assessment of mitigation measures in Lithuania.” IENE 2018 conference. Crossing borders for a greener and sustainable transport infrastructure. 11.09.2018-14.09.2018. Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Kučas A., Balčiauskas L., Tijušas E.. Organization of the hunting information system: old ideas and new start in Lithuania. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Wildtier- und Jagdforschung 2017 „Wildtiermanagement im östlichen Mitteleuropa“ vom 21.04.-23.04.2017 in Hohenselchow - Groß Pinnow.

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