Antanina Ušinskienė

Name, Surname: Antanina Ušinskienė

Institute, laboratory: Nature Research Centre, Laboratory of Algology and microbial ecology

Scientific Supervisor: Dr Jūratė Karosienė

Consultant Supervisor - 

Study period: 2020-12-21 – 2024-12-20

Research theme: Potential application of wild macroalgae biomass as a biofertilizer

To assess chemical composition of macroalgal biomass collected from Lithuanian rivers and to evaluate its potential to use as a biofertilizer to increase plants productivity


  1. to analyse chemical composition of wild macroalgal biomass
  2. to evaluate soil chemical composition and bioactivity after application macroalgal biomass
  3. to evaluate experimentally under laboratory and field conditions the effect of macroalgal biomass on growth and productivity of the tested plants
  4. to evaluate effect of macroalgal biomass on the formation and quality of productivity elements of tested plants to assess the potential application of macroalgal biomass as biofertilizer.

“Comparison of physiological indicators in the leaves of different common wheat (Triticum aestivum l.) varieties” in the annunciation set of the scientific conference “Young Scientist 2018” Aleksandras Stulginskis University. Faculty of Agronomy. Akademija, 2018.


Training courses:


05/2017 Course in identification and spreading of the main horticultural pests and diseases, Lithuanian Research centre for Agriculture and forestry, Institute of Horticulture

03/2018 Lithuanian Planters and Ornamental Plant Producers Seminar.

04/2018 Scientific conference “Young Scientist 2018” .Aleksandras Stulginskis University. Akademija, 2018.

11/2018 Sustainable cultivation of leguminous plants in conventional and ecological farming. Lithuanian Research centre for Agriculture and forestry.

12/2018 The use of natural origin biological preparations and plant protection  products in modern agricultural production technologies. Lithuanian Research centre for Agriculture and forestry. Institute of Horticulture.

01/2020 Scientific reporting conference: Agrarian and Forestry Science: Recent Research and Innovative Solutions. Lithuanian Research centre for Agriculture and forestry. Agriculture Institute.         


Contacts: e-mail, phone: +37061536519