Darius Valūnas

Name, Surname: Darius Valūnas

Institute, laboratory: Laboratory of Nuclear Geophysics and Radioecology

Scientific Supervisor: habil.dr. Jonas Mažeika

Consultant Supervisor: dr. Rūtilė Pukienė, dr. Miglė Stančikaitė

Study period: 2020-12-21 – 2024-12-20

Research theme: Stable carbon isotopes in tree rings: signs of climatic variations and anthropogenic effects in the Baltic region

Brief description: Search for correlations between stable tree ring carbon isotopes, climate variations and anthropogenic factors in the Baltic region.


  1. measurements of stable carbon isotope discrimination in tree ring samples collected from various locations;
  2. measurements of carbon isotope discrimination during a tree vegetation period;
  3. analysis of dependence of carbon isotope discrimination on the hydrometeorological environment;
  4. analysis of anthropogenic impacts on carbon isotope discrimination.


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Contacts: e-mail: darius.valunas@gamtc.lt, phone:  +370 615 57977