Gintautas Kibirkštis


Name Surname Gintautas Kibirkštis

Biomedical Sciences, Ecology and Environmental

Nature Research Centre

Scientific Supervisor dr. Rūtilė Pukienė

Consultant Supervisor dr. Julius Taminskas

Study period:  2019-01-02 – 2022-12-31

Research theme:

The role of wildfires in raised bog ecosystem changes

Short annotation (the aim, objectives)

Active raised bogs are important habitats to conserve biodiversity. Because of carbon sequestration by peat forming process these ecosystems act as a sink in global carbon cycle. Bog fires have a huge effect on peat accumulation and vegetation dynamics, but, differently from hydroclimatic factors, scientific research on fire role in bog ecosystems is scarce.

The aim of the research is to establish wildfire precursors and effects on the development of bog surface and Scots pine growth in raised bogs.

The objectives: (i) to study changes in bog water table, acrotelm depth and surface level, their interactions, dependence on climatic factors and potentiality in creating fire danger conditions; (i) to study tree rings and fire scars of Scots pine trees growing in raised bog habitats for reconstructing fire history and spatial pattern; (i) to study reaction of Scots pine population to fires by a comparative dendrochronological analysis on fire-disturbed and undisturbed pine stands growing in raised bogs.



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