Izabelė Šuikaitė

Name Surname Izabelė Šuikaitė

Institute, laboratory: Institute of Botany, Laboratory of Algology and Microbial Ecology

Scientific Supervisor: Dr Judita Koreivienė

Consultant Supervisor: - 

Study period: 2021-10-01 – 2025-09-30

Research theme: Bloom-forming cyanobacteria distribution, establishment and competition with native freshwater species in temperate zone

Short annotation:

The aim of doctoral thesis is to investigate alien and native potentialy toxic bloom-forming cyanobacteria species and genetic variances, to reveal the features of their development, cyanotoxins composition change and competition under field and laboratory conditions.

The basic objectives:

1.To investigate diversity and productivity of native and alien toxic bloom-forming cyanobacteria species diversity in eutrophic lakes.

2. To investigate diversity and concentrate changes of cyanotoxins and other secondary metabolites during a vegetation period.

3. To isolate alien and native dominant cyanobacteria, to investigate their potential to produce secondary metabolites by genetics and chemical (HPLC) methods.

4. To investigate effects of temperature, nutrients, light on growth, cyanotoxins amount and competition of native and alien cyanobacteria under laboratory conditions.

5. To investigate influence of alien and invasive cyanobacteria species genetic specifity on their invasion success and  establishment in native species communities.



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Contacts: e-mail, phone: izabele.suikaite@gamtc.lt, izabelesuikaite@gmail.com, +37065080795