Justas Poviliūnas


Name Surname Justas Poviliūnas

Ecology and Environmental

Institute, laboratory Institute of Ecology Hydrobionts ecology and physiology laboratory.

Scientific Supervisor Senior researcher Dr. Saulius Stakėnas

Consultant Supervisor

Study period: 2016-10-01 – 2021-09-30

Research theme: Significance of fish ladder effectiveness for protected fish species and ecological status of rivers

Short annotation (the aim, objectives) It is planned to assess the effectiveness of different types of fish passes in Lithuania for migrating salmonids and carp fish species (at least 5 different species) in spring and autumn migrations for a period of at least 3 years. Such research will enable much more accurate assessment of the total efficiency of fish passes for various fish species, and all of the fish community in the particular river. River fish fauna changes will be assessed species, environmental groups and community levels. Species will be grouped into ecological groups according to the European species classification.

Special attention will be paid to research on fish passes: the river fish community will be evaluated before and after the construction or reconstruction of fish passes. River ecological status will be assessed by fish community structures based on the index of Lithuanian rivers ecological status. This will allow studies on fish passes to move to the next level - from the basement to the community, and thereby indirectly to all the ecological status of the river.

Research is expected to determine the effectiveness of fish passes influencing the ecological status of rivers and protected species. Expected results will identify measures that could significantly increase the efficiency of fish passes to all or at least a separate species. When a direct positive impact on the efficiency of fish passes and fish communities in the same ecological status of rivers, the results will be important for the implementation of a mandatory EU Common Water Framework Directive in Lithuania, according to the condition of the river water should become a very good or good.







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