Justyna Barščevska


Name, Surname: Justyna Barščevska

Field of science: Ecology and Environmental Research (N 012)

Institute, laboratory: Nature Research Centre, Institute of Ecology, Laboratory of Mammalian Ecology

Scientific Supervisor: Dr Rimvydas Juškaitis

Consultant Supervisor: Dr Peter Adamik

Study period: 2019-10-01 – 2023-09-30

Research theme: Investigations of populations of the edible dormouse (Glis glis) on the northern periphery of its distribution range

Short description:

In Lithuania the edible dormouse is a rare species and only 10 populations are known at present. Edible dormouse is included in the Lithuanian Red Data Book (EN category - endangered species) and in the list of strictly protected species of the Republic of Lithuania. The protection plan has been approved for the edible dormouse and scientific research for better protection of this species is foreseen in this plan.

During the PhD studies, investigations will identify the factors determining the habitat selection of edible dormouse, the state of all known localities where they are present, genetic diversity of selected populations and the level of isolation will be estimated. The results obtained during this research will have both scientific and practical environmental protection significance.


To investigate the parameters determining habitat selection of the edible dormouse, state of localities and to establish genetic diversity of populations

Mains tasks:

  1. To identify the factors determining the habitat selection of the edible dormouse;
  2. To estimate size of all known populations of this species;
  3. To evaluate the state of all known localities of the edible dormouse;
  4. To investigate genetic diversity of selected populations and the level of isolation.


  1. Adamik Peter, Barščevska Justyna. Do nest boxes increase the densities of an arboreal cavity-dwelling rodent? (in progress).

Projects –

Training courses:

  1. From 1 July till 15 September 2019 I participated in traineeship in the Palacky Uviversity Olomouc, Faculty of Zoology, Czech Republic under the “Erasmus +” mobility program. Topic of traineeship: „Estimation of the edible dormouse density according to their audible calls“. Supervisor: Dr Peter Adamik.


  1. 2019-03-21 participated  in the conference „GIS for education 2019“ which was organized by  LTD „Hnit-Baltic“. Oral presentation on the topic „African mythical creatures on the map”.

Contacts: juste199312@gmail.com, justyna.barscevska@gamtc.lt, mob. phone: +370 64896833