Kamilė Jurytė

Institute, laboratory: The Institute of Botany, Laboratory of Aquatic Ecotoxicology

Natural Sciences, Ecology and environmental science (N012).

Scientific Supervisor: Dr Levonas Manusadžianas

Consultant Supervisor: -

Study period: 2020-12-21–2024-12-20.

Research theme: Investigation of freshwater alga cell response to rare earth elements and their nanosubstances. 



Training courses:

„Erasmus“ studies in Turkey,  Istambul Aydin University. 2015-02-01–2015-06-30;

„Erasmus“ studies in Riga, Latvia‘s University. 2016-01-01–2016-09-30;

„Erasmus“ international practice 2018-06-30–2018-08-30.


"Refractive Webinar Series”. From 2020.12 – now;

Conference cycle „Hemotology problems“ 2020 11 18;

Contact lenses follow up visits “Baush+lomb:, 2020 11 19

“Medical Physics in the Baltic States”. 2017; 2019

„Spaceship – earth“ 2017, 2018;

Seminar „Slit lamp illumination and biomicroscophy“.

Contacts: e-mail, phone:  kamilejur@gmail.com, 867667087