Liucija Kamaitytė-Bukelskienė

Name Surname: Liucija Kamaitytė-Bukelskienė

Institute of Botany, Laboratory of Flora and Geobotany

Scientific Supervisor: dr. Zofija Sinkevičienė

Study period: 2020-12-21 – 2024-12-20

Research theme: Assessment of the population status of rare annual aquatic plants in the Baltic Upland and justification of their conservation measures

Short annotation (the aim, objectives)

Ecological status of the water bodies is important for aquatic plant species, especially for those that whole life cycle take place underwater. Annual water plants of genus Najas was chosen as the main object of the research. This genus covers relatively frequent as well as very rare and endangered species. Data about diversity, biological traits, ecological requirements, population status and distribution of genus Najas in Eastern part of the Baltic upland water bodies is scarce, thus without this information, it is impossible to create scientifically justified conservation plans for species and their habitats.


To evaluate Najas genus species diversity, distribution, and rare survival potential of species in different ecological niches in water bodies of Baltic upland region.


  1. Evaluate genus Najas species diversity and their phytocoenological significance in underwater plant communities.
  2. Determine status of the genus Najas populations and impact of environment conditions on their stability.
  3. Investigate seed bank in lakes sediment and it potential use for restoration and conservation.
  4. To prepare scientifically justified recommendations for protection of endangered species and their habitats.



2020 – 2021 „Impact of climate change on sustainability of aquatic vegetation in water courses with Ranunculion vegetation (habitat of European importance 3260) “

2020 „Project LIFE-IP PAF-NATURALIT Nr. LIFE16 IPE/LT/016“

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