Lukas Petrulaitis


Name Surname: Lukas Petrulaitis

Ecology and Environmental Research

Institute, laboratory: Institute of Botany, Laboratory of Flora and Geobotany

Scientific Supervisor: dr. Zigmantas Gudžinskas

Study period: 2019-01-02 – 2022-12-31

Research theme: Comparative study on traits and ecological performance of alien and native Cornus species in the southern hemiboreal zone of Europe.

Short annotation (the aim, objectives)


• To evaluate and compare the biological traits of the Cornus sanguinea and C. alba and their subspecies, which determine the strategy of their distribution;

• To assess ecological characteristics of the study species and subspecies influencing occupation of the ecological niches and the role in communities;

• To investigate the spatial distribution and dynamics of species and subspecies according to the ecological gradient.


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Petrulaitis, L., Gudžinskas Z. (2018) What are we conserving? A case study of Mentha longifolia and allied species in Lithuania. Botanica, 24(1): 3–14.


2017–2018 Analysis of unintentional introduction and spread of the invasive alien species of the EU Concern in Lithuania and identification of the priority introduction pathways, implementing the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (1143/2014) on the Prevention and management of the introduction and spread of invasive alien species.

Evaluation of protected animals, plants and mushrooms in Lithuania according to IUCN categories and preparation of species descriptions.

Preparation of the publication “Lithuanian Red Book”.

Training courses


Gudžinskas Z., Petrulaitis L., 2016: Diversity of the genus Symphyotrichum and trends of  contemporary spread of its species in Lithuania. In: Ries C., Krippel Y. (eds.), Neobiota 2016. Biological Invasions: Interactions with Environmental Change. 9th International Conference on Biological Invasions. Book of Abstracts: 81. – Luxembourg.

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Contacts: e-mail, phone:; (8 5) 269 70 66