Matas Gavenauskas

Name Surname Matas Gavenauskas

Institute, laboratory: Institute of Botany, Laboratory of Plant Pathology.

Scientific Supervisor: Dr. Daiva Burokienė

Consultant Supervisor

Study period: 2019-12-23 – 2024-12-22

Research theme: Evaluation of microorganisms as biocontrol agents against fungal pathogens of forest trees.

Short description: the main aim of the work is to optimize methodologies for the selection of microorganisms suitable for the prevention and control of plant diseases in order to develop a unique biocontrol system.

Tasks are:

1) to select isolates of invasive pathogenic fungi (Hymenoscyphus fraxineus, O. novo-ulmi, etc.) for biocontrol studies;

2) to select and evaluate potentially effective biocontrol factors in vitro (Bacillus sp., Pseudomonas sp., Trichoderma sp., etc.).

3) to expand knowledge on the biology of pathogens, i.e. to investigate possible associations of microorganisms with invasive foreign pathogens searching for the properties that could be used for biocontrol;

4) to evaluate and select methodologies and markers for selection of microorganisms suitable for biocontrol.



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Contacts: e-mail, phone:, +37067864663