Reda Nalivaikienė


Name Surname: Reda Nalivaikienė

Biomedical Sciences, Ecology and Environmental Research

Institute, laboratory: Nature Research Center, Laboratory of Genotoxicity

Scientific Supervisor: Dr. Laura Butrimavičienė

Consultant Supervisor: Dr. Virginija Kalcienė

Study period: 2019-01-02 – 2022-12-31

Research theme: Responses of biochemical and cytogenetic biomarkers in aqautic organisms after exposure to a single stressors or a complex of them

Short annotation (the aim, objectives)

The aim of this research is to assess aquatic toxicity after exposure to to a single stressors or a complex of them using biochemical, cytogenetic, and haematological biomarkers.


  • To assess biochemical, cytogenetic and hematological parameters in organisms after exposure to stressors;
  • To evaluate the frequencies of applied biomarkers in the investigated/different tissues;
  • Comparison of applied biomarkers responses in different test organisms;
  • To examine the interfaces of applied biomarkers with regard to the stressor used or their complex.




Training courses


Eglinskaitė R., Kalcienė V., Valskys V. Toxicity assessment of Gineitiškės lake inflow and outflow using luminescent bacteria Aliivibrio fischeri. 13th international conference of Life Sciences. „The COINS 2018“. 28 February – 2 March. 2018. Life Sciences Center, Vilnius University, Vilnius. p. 114 – 115.

Contacts: e-mail redaeglinskaite@gmail, phone +37063920890