Tautvilė Šukytė

Name Surname: Tautvilė Šukytė

Study field: Natural Sciences, Biology (N 010)

Nature research centre, Laboratory of Molecular Ecology

Scientific Supervisor: Dr Petras Prakas

Consultant Supervisor: -

Study period: 2021-12-20 – 2025-09-19

Research theme:


Morphological, molecular and histopathological studies of coccidial parasites of the family Sarcocystidae in birds of prey

Short annotation:

The aim of the doctoral research is to investigate the infection of the populations of hawks, owls and falcons with parasitic protozoa of the Sarcocystidae family in Lithuania and Spain.

The basic objectives:

1. To optimize methods for identification of Sarcocystidae family parasite species and determination of the prevalence of infection.

2. Parasites detected in muscle tissue, internal organs and brain will be described in detail using morphological, histopathological and genetic analysis.

3. Evaluate the role of birds of prey in the distribution of the test population






Training courses



  1. 9th Conference of the Scandinavian - Baltic Society for Parasitology, April 21-23, 2021. Šukytė T., Stadalienė I., Karvelienė B., Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii in cats in Kaunas, Lithuania

Contacts: e-mail, phone: tautvile.sukyte@gmail.com +37064670424