Tomas Aidukas


Name Surname Tomas Aidukas

Geology Research

Institute, laboratory: Nature Research Centre, Laboratory of Quaternary Research

Scientific Supervisor: prof. dr. Petras Šinkūnas

Consultant Supervisor prof. dr. Albertas Bitinas

Study period: 2018-10-01 – 2023-09-30

Research theme: Spatial variation of lithofacies as a reflection of glaciofluvial sedimentation conditions




Šinkūnė, E., Aidukas, T. and Šinkūnas, P. 2018. Sedimentation conditions of Tauragnai glaciofliuval deposit. Abstract. ISNN ISBN 978-5-904704-69-8

Aidukas, T. 2016. The geographic problems and perspectives of development of the curonian lagoon region. ISBN 978-9955-18-911-4, Klaipėda, 123-129.

Aidukas, T. 2015. Social tourism activities geography in Lithuania‘s regional parks. ISBN 978-9955-893-16-5, Klaipėda, 182-192





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Contacts: e-mail, phone, +37062560273