Vitalijus Stirkė


Name Surname Vitalijus Stirkė

Institute, laboratory: Nature Research Centre, Laboratory of mammalian ecology

Scientific Supervisor: doc. dr. Linas Balčiauskas

Consultant Supervisor

Study period: 2019-10-01 iki 2023-09-30

Research theme:

Peculiarities of small mammal ecology in commercial orchards and berry plantations




Balčiauskas, L., Balčiauskienė, L., & Stirkė, V. (2019). Mow the Grass at the Mouse’s Peril: Diversity of Small Mammals in Commercial Fruit Farms. Animals, 9(6), 334.

Stirkė, V. (2019). Red Squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) drey ecology in city parks. Acta Zoologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae, 65(1).

Alejūnas, P., Stirkė, V. (2010). Small mammals in northern Lithuania: species diversity and abundance. Ekologija, 56(3-4), 110-115.

Baltrūnaitė, L., Balčiauskas, L., Matulaitis, R., & Stirkė, V. (2009). Otter distribution in Lithuania in 2008 and changes in the last decade. Estonian Journal of Ecology, 58(2).


Evaluation of distribution of the common vole (Microtus arvalis) in commercial gardens and berry-fields in relation to registration of plant protection products, 2018–2019

Training courses


Balčiauskas, L., Balčiauskienė, L., Skipitytė, R., Stirkė, V. 2019. Foraging strategies of small mammals from commercial orchards as indicated by isotopic signatures. “Current Environmental Issues 2019”. Bialystok, 24–26 September 2019.

Balčiauskas, L., Balčiauskienė, L., Stirkė, V. 2019. Diversity of small mammals in commercial gardens and berry fields of Lithuania. 10th International Conference on Biodiversity Research, Book of Abstracts, Daugavpils, 24.-26.04.2019. P. 56.

5th International Conference "Research and conservation of biological diversity in Baltic Region" 22-24.04.2009., Small mammal communities in the Northern Lithuania., Daugavpils University.

Contacts: e-mail, phone: 8 671 86442