Support for Ukrainian researchers

The Research Council of Lithuania will provide support for Lithuanian research and higher education institutions hosting researchers from Ukraine.

As a response to the Lithuanian academic communities' intention to create conditions for Ukrainian researchers who left their country because of the ongoing war and are willing to continue their scientific activities in Lithuania, the Research Council of Lithuania has initiated a special support measure and thereby allocated funds for employment of Ukrainian researchers and doctoral students. A call for applications is announced. The budget of allocations is EUR 1.5 million up to the end of this year.

"Lithuania is committed to respond, as quickly as possible, to the needs of the Ukrainians fleeing Russian military action in their country, and provide them with all possible assistance for successful integration into our society. We should not forget Ukrainian researchers, and this is why we strongly support the Council’s initiative, to provide them with the opportunity of employment in the Lithuanian research and higher education institutions. This is a very important support measure, which will allow the researchers to smoothly continue their activities in Lithuania," says Jurgita Šiugždinienė, Minister of Education, Science and Sport.

 "We express our support to the Ukrainian researchers and respond to the national academic community’s expectations for the State funded measure to sustain the Ukrainians researchers’ scientific activities in Lithuania. The proposal, which has been endorsed at the highest political level, not only provides an assurance for the Lithuanian research and higher education institutions, but it provides a motivation for the entire scientific community," says Romas Baronas, Chairperson of the Research Council of Lithuania.

According to this support measure, up to a 100 Ukrainian researchers and doctoral students in science and art are planned to be employed in Lithuanian research and higher education institutions up to the end of the year.

 The funds are intended for Lithuanian research and higher education institutions to establish researcher positions for employment of Ukrainian researchers, to pay them salaries and reimburse related taxes. The institutions that have employed Ukrainian researchers since the beginning of the war are also eligible for funding.

 The Research Council of Lithuania has appropriated funds for this measure from the state budget allocations to the council for this year.

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The Marius Jakulis Jason (MJJ) foundation offers support for Ukrainian doctoral students and researchers proceeding with their research after doctoral studies, who are looking for a possibility of temporary employment in Lithuania.

The duration of support for employment at Lithuanian universities and research centres is up to 8 months with a possibility of extension. The  MJJ foundation will pay EUR 1000 monthly salary for moving and accommodation costs (before taxes).

More information how to apply for support is available at;;


A global list of laboratories and scientists, where all willing to support Ukrainian researchers and students are invited to add new entries, can be found at