Natural Resources of Berry and Medicinal Plants


Special Issue "Natural Resources of Berry and Medicinal Plants Volume II" of the journal Plants (ISSN 2223-7747) now is open

Dear Colleagues,

Globally, more than half of medicinal and aromatic plant
resources are being collected from the wild. Forest
medicinal plants and berries are especially valued because
they are free of pesticides and other kinds of chemicals
commonly used in agriculture. Research into the genetic
diversity of natural berry and medicinal plant resources
may reveal their ability to adapt to changing climate
conditions as well as promote their in situ conservation
and development of new cultivars. Particular attention
should be given to the study of secondary metabolites
found in these plants, as they not only present major
quality indicators of new cultivars but are also important in
chemotaxonomy. This Special Issue will highlight the
advances in understanding the genetic, chemotypic, and
ecotypic diversity of berry and medicinal plants and will
contribute to the sustainable use of their resources.

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