Laboratory of Mycology


The area of studies are taxonomy, biodiversity, geography, ecology, biology and biochemistry of basidiomycetes, ascomycetes, hyphomycetes, coelomycetes and myxomycetes. The laboratory supervises the many-volumed edition ‘Mycota Lithuaniae’ (published since 1991) and maintains and augments the largest collection of fungi in Lithuania: 9500 specimens of lichens and lichenicolous fungi, 4500 specimens of myxomycetes, 24,000 specimens of micromycetes (Peronosporales, Uredinales, Ustilaginales, Ascomycetes, Coelomycetes, Hyphomycetes); 25,000 specimens of macromycetes (basidiomycetes and ascomycetes).

During the years 1992–2010, researchers at the laboratory described 18 new taxa of fungi.