Scientific team projects

Defining taxonomic identity, ecology and distribution of fungi in coniferous forests

Projects leader: dr. Jurga Motiejūnaitė

Terms of the project: 2017–2020

The aim of the project is to determine the structure of the mycobiota characteristic of coniferous forests by combined morphological, ecological and molecular methods (including specimen-based molecular identification (barcoding) and next gen sequencing) and to define identity, distribution and functional traits of fungal species of different ecological and trophic groups. The results of the project will present a more exact pattern of mycobiota structure in coniferous forests which are especially important in Lithuania, both ecologically and economically. The project will considerably add  to the knowledge crucial to biodiversity conservation and  halting its loss (especially data on rare and protected species), as well as to forest management and disease control (data on tree endophytes and pathogens). The project results will supplement general knowledge in mycology by defining identity, taxonomic position and phylogenetic relationships of the less-known species and by addition of voucher-based data on fungi. Metagenomic studies will reveal fungal diversity in soils of pine stands following age, management intensity and climatic gradient.

Funding of researchers

Funding of research visits (Parama išvykai- 5)

Projects leader: dr. Svetlana Markovskaja

Funding of research visits (Parama išvykai- 26)

Projects leader: dr. Jurga Motiejūnaitė

National scientific research programs

Colony of Great Cormorants in forest ecosystem – hypertrophication effect and rates of dynamics

Projects leader: dr. Jurga Motiejūnaitė

Terms of the project: 2012–2014